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Feb 27 13
Broa Kaiser 4
Hello, I just got curious and found these decent skills and searched them up, but most description only says Decent Sharp eyes, Hyper body, Haste, and Mystic door and the types of equips show on... but I saw some decent adv bless and some other things and wondered which equip these skills pop up... So list the all the skills and which types of equips (example: decent sharp eyes on gloves) they show op on please~~ Thank You ^^
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Feb 27 13
Scania Phantom 4
Dec adv bless is on hats and decent CO is on shoes
Feb 27 13
DemethosGMS F/P Arch Mage
se and si on cloves
hb on bottoms
haste and CO on shoe
bless and door on hat
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Feb 27 13*
Bera Hayato 4
Decent mystic door - Lvl 70+ Hat
Decent Advance Bless - Lvl 120+ hat

Decent Combat Order - Lvl 70+ Shoe
Decent Haste - Shoe

Decent Sharp Eye - Glove
Decent speed infusion - Glove

Decent hyper body - bottom
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Feb 27 13
Zenith Phantom 4

I'd love to have Bless and SE *-*

Tubad they're like Max+ ea...
Feb 27 13
Bera Phantom 4
Decent adv bless is on legendary hats level 120+ I believe...
Decent Combat Orders is on legendary shoes not sure what level.
Decent speed infusion is on legendary gloves 120+ probably.
I think thats it aside from the ones you already said.
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Feb 27 13
Broa Kaiser 4
KilIerCombo thanks helped a lot!
Feb 27 13
Bellocan Battle Mage 4
Apparently Decent Sharp Eyes requires a 120+ Unique + Glove too.
Unless you neb it.... But even finding a Unicorn is more common than getting one of these Nebs
Feb 27 13
Broa Kaiser 4
Anyone know if you can still make this skills permanent?

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