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powermage22 Level 201 Windia Night Walker 4
Since I haven't seen someone post a skill build, you can find one here.

For the lazy people who don't want to click the link here is a simple guide(extremely simple you can decide what to max first if you want).

1st Job: Everything is maxed
2nd Job: Everything is maxed except Rock Yaksha
3rd Job: Everything maxed except Spirit Corral.
4th Job: Everything is maxed(Duh! xD)
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GoldGriffin5 Level 202 Broa Shade 4
thank you!
Feb 27 2013
there was one like not even 5 minutes ago.
Feb 27 2013
Ecyz Level 188 Yellonde F/P Arch Mage
Thanks, was seriously too lazy to bother searching for one.
Feb 27 2013
Koncept Level 53 Windia Fighter
posting to save for later
Feb 27 2013
Rock Yasha is the only 2nd ob skill i use. I don't see why you don't max it, it's pretty good compared to the others.
Feb 27 2013
powermage22 Level 201 Windia Night Walker 4
@ShiKage08: I just looked at the guide you posted and its the same as the one I posted. In the end the skills that are left unmaxed are the same. Plus in your link all the names are still in Japanese which is such a pain.
Feb 27 2013
ShiKage08 Level 138 Bera Hero
@ShiKage08: I just looked at the guide you posted and its the same as the one I posted.[/quote]

No, it's not. The end results for what's maxed and what's not might be the same, but optimization for the build itself is the key.
Feb 27 2013
GunDelHel Level 128 Broa
Or you could look at your skills and figure out what works best for **you**. I never follow a skill build. These days its usually pretty obvious what you dont need to max. It usually involves a skill with pushback that you hardly ever use on harder enemies.
Feb 27 2013
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