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Scaling the El Nath Mountains

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johosoul Level 115 Windia Shade 4
Just accepted the quest and went to El Nath.
Neinheart said to talk to Alcaster but, there's no quest relating to said quest.
Help please? :
Posted: February 2013 Permalink


I'm also stuck on this quest. Can't figure out what to do
Feb 27 2013
johosoul Level 115 Windia Shade 4
Boo, thought i could quest instead of grind but I guess not
Feb 27 2013
+1 Found it, the guy is in Orbis in front of the portal to Orbis Station
Feb 28 2013
johosoul Level 115 Windia Shade 4
Why would they say go to El Nath...
Thank you tho!
Feb 28 2013

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