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Scaling the El Nath Mountains

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alanlui Level 125 Windia Jett 4
I am trying to do that quest but i cant complete it. I told me to go to elmath and so i did. I dont know what to do after that. Can anyone help me?
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Crescent Level 117 Bera Blade Lord
Yeah, you have to go to the orbis station entrance. The instructions weren't clear.
Mar 01 2013
Crusades Level 209 Chaos Battle Mage 4
Go to Orbis, talk to the guy beside the portal next to Orbis Station Entrance, after that, talk to El nath and head towards the Market and talk to Alcaster, THEN you can scale the mountains. ^^ If you want fames, talk too the guy whos quest is called A Man and the Fur (something like that..) gives you 2 fame.
Mar 01 2013

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