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Is Hayato Link skill worth it?

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HelpHan Level 213 Chaos Battle Mage 4
I believe Hayato is coming out soon and it's link skill it +10 all Stats, +5 Weapon Attack.
But since I don't have free character slot,(Nexon might not give free slot this time since they didn't give one for Kanna ) so I have to make some decision.
I am not a big fan of warrior class and only planning to make Hayato for link skill/card effect and trying out some new class for fun.
Card Effect is +Critical Minimum damage, seems like it won't be much help to me, but not sure about link skill.

Do you think Hayato Link skill is worth it or not?
Posted: March 2013 Permalink


Collo123 Level 115 Renegades Battle Mage 4
Well... do you want the weapon attack?
If so, yes it is.
If not, then no.
Simple as that.
Mar 02 2013
Vearmoth Level 165 Broa Hero
Every link skill is worth it imo.

Delete the one you play the least.
Mar 02 2013
DividingSoul Level 208 Windia Zero Transcendent
Free passive weapon attack?
Worth it if...
- You have a lot of open character slots
- You play characters that utilize weapon attack
Not worth it if...
- Opposite of above where you play magicians and have minimal slots available where another character's link skill would be much more beneficial.

All up to you, really!
Mar 02 2013
Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
I might be getting it just because I loved training my Kanna so much, I thought getting 1-100 would bore the hell out of me but the skill kit was really fun and new.
And like ^^ said, all link skills are worth it, +10all stat and 5atk is nice, especially since it's free.
Mar 02 2013

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