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Can I trade a hair coupon?

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On my main character I won a free vip hair coupon. But on that character I really don't need to change the hair style. But on my newest character I could use a new haircut so can we trade within characters in the same account or not? If we can how?
TheMoneyMam1MadamMam - Level 56
Posted: March


why don't you just do Tot's tutorial to get a vip hair coupon on your new character.....
HastyHeistHastyHeist - Level 157
Mar 04 2013
Nope, can't trade it.
WhoIsDeadContinuismis - Level 100
Mar 04 2013
k thx guys for the help
TheMoneyMam1MadamMam - Level 56
Mar 04 2013

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