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Feedback on Deputy System - Alpha

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Mar 05 13
Broa Jett 4
Greetings Basilers,

I'm just putting some finishing touches on the upcoming Deputy system and wanted to guage feedback. Essentially, the point of this new system is to get more people involved in moderating the system. Please read on if you're interested.

Reporting - how will it change?

The reporting system will remain largely unchanged, but now more of you are getting a bigger say in what you think should be moderated within our guidelines. The biggest way that this will happen is via the automated removal of posts that reach a certain reported threshold. The other way is that a post can be reported multiple times, allowing for more logical prioritization for the mods.

This means that ultimately, your reports will still need to be checked over by mods, but posts with a very low report rate will be considered less important, to the point that they may not see any suspension at all. While this final point may be contentious, it's important to consider why we're considering such a fundamental change.

Why are you making this new system?

Over the years, we've gotten a lot of flack for being overbearing. At the same time, BasilMarket has a massive audience, which requires a lot of policing. We've had no shortage of bandwagoners, referral spammers, people posting inappropriate links/content, discussions of hacking / illegal software, etc etc etc. I, the mods, all of the guide writers and all of you who take time out of your day to improve the site in some way or answer questions have worked too hard to have some fly-by-night noob swoop in and ruin the site for everyone.

Admittedly, sometimes the rules don't work out quite as expected, and sometimes we are overwhelmed, and from time to time we make mistakes. All of the above issues have been taken into consideration when coming up with this new system.

More details

The mods are called sheriffs, so users that participate in this new system will be called deputys. However, deputys will (for their own protection) be anonymous to all other users. That is, the mods and myself will be able to see who is submitting reports. It is also important to note that not everyone will be eligible. In fact, given the ability for your actions to have a direct impact (ie, a post / thread being removed if it gets enough reports), we will tweak the requirements until we find a good balance. For now, the requirements are setup as such:

A deputy must
be on the site for at least 90 days
have not had a suspension in 90 days
have at least a +15 feedback rating

Clearly, this means that a deputy can quickly lose their status if they abuse the rules. Break them enough times and you will be permanently disqualified from the deputy system. These numbers are liable to change but it's a starting point. What's important is to create a sense of reward (for being a positive member with good standing) while also creating real consequences for misbehaviour.

I am initially going to test a system whereby you can track your accuracy rating as a way of you being able to see how effective your reports are. So if you submit 10 reports, and 8 of them result in suspension, you can see that you have an 80% accuracy rating. If effective, this system may one day be a key way that we bring more mods onto the team.

So where is it?

Right now it's still in development. I'm simplifying and streamlining and doing my best to make it user friendly, so bear with me. For now I'm opening up the topic to discussion to see what you all think. When ready I will launch it in a beta stage at which point we can tweak the numbers a bit.

I would appreciate any constructive feedback - tell me what you think.
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POLL - Feedback on Deputy System - Alpha
93% - This sounds like a good system - 203 / 216
6% - I don't think this will be a good way to moderate things on the site because... - 13 / 216
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Mar 05 13
Windia Bishop
-Will the posts with low reporting be tracked so if a person get several posts with low reports will those posts then be looked at?
Mar 05 13
Bera Aran 4
Sounds fair enough..
Mar 05 13
Broa Jett 4
mem0: The ones with low report counts will be treated with far less priority, to the point where they may not be acted on. It's possible that posts with a low report count may eventually drop off the reports page if they're not acted on in time, again under the premise that they're clearly not that important / worthy of the time.
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Mar 05 13
Broa Shadower
mem0: -Will the posts with low reporting be tracked so if a person get several posts with low reports will those posts then be looked at?

At this time the idea is that every comment that has been reported will be sent to the queue, but there's going to be a hierarchy (Yes! ) so comments that haven't been reported much will end up at the bottom of the queue. Depending on how many reports have been submitted in total it'll take a shorter or longer time before we get to them.
At least the urgent stuff will be filtered out and taken care of immediately.
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Mar 05 13
Windia Shadower
I like the sound of this.
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Mar 05 13*
Scania Evan 10th Growth
Reconcile Guild
"Have not had a suspension in 90 days"

I find it hard to agree with this one. It's so painfully easy to get suspended for a day over something really silly, that I daresay that none of the very active posters would qualify. I'll take myself as an example. I'm a very active poster myself. Every now and then I slip up and say something that is suspension worthy. I don't disagree with the suspensions, but they're just slip ups. When I get a 12 hour suspension I see it more as a reminder than anything else.

Having a 3 month period of no suspensions is a long time on BasilMarket. Why not change this rule into no major suspensions for the past 90 days? The ones that are really bad like racism, purposely insulting / flaming another member in a very vulgar way or posting inappropriate content? This way you can have people who actively post from joining in on this. As personally I feel as if those who are not as active as others and therefore have a lower suspension amount, are now seen as more valuable. While these people might not at all notice as much as the active ones.
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Mar 05 13
Windia Shadower
I agree with Skyenets. Even mods get suspended from time to time for silly things. I think asking for a perfect track record for three months is a lot.
Otherwise, sounds good.
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Mar 05 13
Bera Hayato 4
System looks good, just thinking that the +15 feedback should maybe be lower or removed since some here only use basil for the social aspect and not the auction aspect.

Just an idea.
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Mar 05 13
Broa Jett 4
skyenets, drhye: perhaps you're right, but I'd rather start with high expectations and move down if we need to. Also, I think your estimation is presumptively negative - at present count there are just under 600 eligible deputies. These are active users that are eligible under the current criteria. I think that's a healthy start and an indication that there are in fact a large number of people with clean track records.
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