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Mori Ranmaru Expedition Videos

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Here are the videos of the JMS Ranmaru Expedition boss. As you can see both bosses are beatable with current max cap and is not a hackers trap as another threads pointed out. Looking at the video it shows the boss is much easier than empress and if the drop rate of the Lvl 150 equips is good, I suspect lots of people will be using Sengoku Lvl 150 equips seeing as it is better than empress and also the fact Chaos Boss are much harder to defeat.

Some may say it is impossible to defeat without the 50mil damage cap but some forget we have the CMS version which has much lower health then KMS version with 200bil hp plus. Below is proof this is beatable right now

[url=]Chaos Root Abyss boss beatable pre-unlimited[/url]

Normal Mode (Lvl 120+)

[url=]Party fighting it (includes the BGM while fighting the boss)[/url]
[url=]2 people fighting it (with Pokemon Soulsilver/Heartgold theme)[/url]

Crazy Mode (Lvl 180+)

[url=]This version drops Lvl 150 equipments[/url]

Leave your comments on what you guys think about it. Also according to patch notes the crazy mode will drop Lvl 150 Sengoku equipments which is interesting as JMS one does not.
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bleachedguy Level 201 Zenith Zero Transcendent
Do I see Charlotte from Madoka Magica in that Normal Mode video?

OT: Can't wait for this, hopefully it'll have a frequent drop rate for equips.
Mar 07 2013
Suckitms Level 137 Scania I/L Arch Mage
off topic: can you give me list of Song?

from first clip and second and third? whole thing?
Mar 07 2013
off topic: can you give me list of Song?

from first clip and second and third? whole thing?[/quote]

the 1st two clips are showing the boss in normal mode.

The last clip shows the boss in hard/crazy mode.

Just linking more clips to give you a feel of how the boss will be like
Mar 07 2013
anyone know how much hp it has?
Mar 07 2013
Chaos root bosses are beatable.[/quote]

Can you show me evidence of someone beating it in GMS?
Mar 08 2013
PitchBlack0 Level 199 Bera Paladin
@bubblecup118: There was a thread in which ss's were posted of group defeating queen so I know that is at least possible. I'll try and find the thread.
Mar 08 2013
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