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Price Check on Cursed Kaiserium?
MapleStory Forums : Kaiser : Talk about the Kaiser Class
Mar 07 13
Khaini Kaiser 4
Just wondering how much are these 2h swords and if anyone in Khaini has them I'll buy it.
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Mar 07 13
DemethosGMS Shadower
Isn't it untradable?
Mar 07 13
Khaini Kaiser 4
I think it is tradable via psok. Idk though.
Mar 07 13
Scania Hero
If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.
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Mar 07 13*
Bera Phantom 4
I think it's like, 7b clean. But I'm not 100% sure. This is just going based off what a friend told me.
Mar 07 13
Windia Battle Mage 4
Chances are you wont find one in the first place...but I sold mine for 15b about a month ago
Mar 07 13
Bera Phantom 4

.... PFFT I knew that.

Haha, my bad. Either way, it's all the same. Still clean, I guess?
Mar 08 13
Windia Kaiser 4
well, because it's un-pot-able, un-ee-able and un-trade-able, it's not worth much unless rare item collector buys.
maybe people will just look for that sword for anvil.
so, personally i'd say it's like 5-7b.
dyan that's impressive that people buy for 15b.
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Mar 08 13
Broa Buccaneer
Hmm.. The two I've heard of went for 10 and 12b. OP,yes. But there's always someone who's willing to pay it.
Mar 08 13
Scania Demon Slayer 4
Since the sword is incredibly powerful and is basically an already godly scrolled weapon, it would range in the millions.

On top of that, if you can kill Magnus on hard mode to complete a special quest, you can upgrade you sword to the Liberated Kaiserium which has like 400 weapon attack
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