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Save your Seng Coins for Katana Scrolls

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Since 2h Scrolls WONT work on Hayato Katana so save those coins and buy the Katana scrolls
Posted: March 2013 Permalink


toad Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4
If 2h Scrolls don't work, just use 1h Scroll But holding for Katana and Sheat (if it will be available on the store of course).
Mar 09 2013
Razmos Level 204 Khaini Kanna 4
2H **Sword** scrolls won't work.
2H weapon scrolls will.
Mar 09 2013
chandoso Level 212 Bera Paladin
iirc there is no "fan" scroll in the sengoku shop, so there is no reason to think that there would be a katana scroll. There are already 2h weapon scrolls in the sengoku shop, which is what we will be scrolling katanas with. or you could go for 20% scrolls, or 50% ones. just make sure to use 2h weapon scrolls, not 2h sword.
Mar 09 2013
HIkari Level 171 Windia Hero
id rather spend my sengoku coins on an almost virtually free reverse katana if it is released in the shop along with hayato and just turn in coins for azwan scrolls and hope for the best
Mar 09 2013
felipe123450 Level 148 Windia Blade Recruit
I say just save the coins to buy a reverse katana from the sengoku shop and use the epic potential scroll from the hot time on it and just deal with a clean weapon.
At least that's what I'm going to do.
Mar 09 2013
DividingSoul Level 208 Windia Zero Transcendent
Hayato's class-specific katana weapon is classified as a two-handed weapon. Note I said weapon, not sword.
You can use two-handed [i]weapon[/i] scrolls on it, which are sold in the Sengoku shop.
You simply cannot use two-handed [i]sword[/i] scrolls on it, because that's completely different and specific to two-handed swords in the game.
Mar 09 2013

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