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Mar 13 13
Scania Phantom 4
So I have many folders with the MapleStory client in them.
I attempted to manual patch v132 on one of them. It got stuck on that [3/3] Creating: Base.wz thing, and I know others have had problems with it as well in the past.

So I closed the patcher with task manager.

So if I basically pretend like nothing happened, and opened gamelauncher in one of my Nexon>MapleStory folders, will it begin to patch it from then?

I read on other forums that they had to reinstall MapleStory setup, which I would HATE to do especially 30 minutes from the new class.

Anyone know what to do? Or can anyone confirm that the Creating: Base.wz is supposed to take an insanely large amount of time? Something to ease my mind please
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Mar 13 13
Scania Cannoneer 4
We are on v131
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Mar 13 13
Scania Shade 4
i have the same problem on my desktop computer
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Mar 13 13
Windia Phantom 4
Wait, v132? Look at the home page man, we're on v131...
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Mar 13 13
Yellonde Kaiser 4
Idk what happened to mine...its stuck on Applying Maplestory.exe
Mar 13 13
Windia Phantom 4
How often do you guys patch before the servers open? It seems to cause lots of unnecessary problems...?
MapleStory Screen: 34% luk lightning god ring MapleStory Video: Cra red pierre lag visual glitch
Mar 13 13
Galicia Wind Archer 4
Mine is stuck on Canvas.dll
Mar 13 13
Bera Luminous 4
First of all, why do you need that many folders with Maple clients in them o_O;
You still got time if you wanna re-patch.. this patch is pretty small, I pre-patched pretty fast, so there might be something up with your Maple.
Just patch when the game's back up if it doesnt work. If it still doesnt, you should clean/delete out those folders o-o;
Mar 13 13*
Scania Evan 10th Growth
Mines stuck on (the patch is done) click to play
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Mar 13 13
Bera Blade Master
Mines done.
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