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So I have many folders with the MapleStory client in them.
I attempted to manual patch v132 on one of them. It got stuck on that [3/3] Creating: Base.wz thing, and I know others have had problems with it as well in the past.

So I closed the patcher with task manager.

So if I basically pretend like nothing happened, and opened gamelauncher in one of my Nexon>MapleStory folders, will it begin to patch it from then?

I read on other forums that they had to reinstall MapleStory setup, which I would HATE to do especially 30 minutes from the new class.

Anyone know what to do? Or can anyone confirm that the Creating: Base.wz is supposed to take an insanely large amount of time? Something to ease my mind please
Posted: March


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Raiders91744Level 244 Scania Shade 4
i have the same problem on my desktop computer
Mar 13 2013
lemasnatormeLevel 208 Yellonde Wild Hunter 4
Idk what happened to mine...its stuck on Applying Maplestory.exe
Mar 13 2013
CherryTigersLevel 212 Windia Phantom 4Boundless Guild
How often do you guys patch before the servers open? It seems to cause lots of unnecessary problems...?
Mar 13 2013
SharkyMikeyLevel 204 Galicia Wind Archer 4
Mine is stuck on Canvas.dll
Mar 13 2013
xblueskiesLevel 210 Bera Luminous 4
First of all, why do you **need** that many folders with Maple clients in them o_O;
You still got time if you wanna re-patch.. this patch is pretty small, I pre-patched pretty fast, so there might be something up with your Maple.
Just patch when the game's back up if it doesnt work. If it still doesnt, you should clean/delete out those folders o-o;
Mar 13 2013
Mines stuck on (the patch is done) click to play
Mar 13 2013
DegenerationXLevel 200 Bera Blade Master
Mines done.
Mar 13 2013
josephphivuLevel 124 Broa Demon Slayer 4
How much longer till Maple is on? Australian time please?
Mar 13 2013
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