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Mar 13 13
Scania Mechanic 4
title ^^
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Mar 13 13*
Bera Hayato 4
most likely marvel machine when it comes out next week. If anyone is wondering here is the stats of it

Lighting God Ring
Ring - All
Description: The Lightning God will be summoned when this ring is equipped. When the Lightning God is summon, you can laugh at WABR angel.
Req Level: 100
STR: 12
DEX: 12
INT: 12
LUK: 12
HP: 150
MP: 150
Accuracy: 150
Avoid: 150
Speed: 18
Jump: 10
Charm EXP: 80
Charisma EXP: 80
Insight EXP: 20
Will EXP: 80
Sense EXP: 20
Equip tradeblock
Platinum Scissors of Karma
1 slots

Grants you Weapon/Magic ATT +16. Stacks with other Weapon/Magic ATT buffs.
Weapon Attack: 16
Magic Attack: 16
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Mar 13 13
Broa Luminous 4
I want it...
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Mar 13 13
Scania Evan 10th Growth
Sound like something from Hitman Reborn
Mar 13 13
Broa Corsair
did you say...slot? as in...POTABLE?
Mar 13 13
Scania Luminous 1
ss or bs
Mar 13 13
Scania Wind Archer 4
Reconcile Guild
darkkillaz4: ss or bs

It's in the extraction files at spouthperry
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Mar 13 13
Bera Hayato 4
darkkillaz4: ss or bs

Maybe you should check the extraction before you post nonsense.
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Mar 14 13*
Scania Night Lord
Maple Story: Maple's down? No worries! Christmas music time :]
Mar 14 13
Scania Blade Acolyte
marvel machine.
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