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tots quests dimensional schism

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for tot's quests where u havta do ludi pq, i can't seem to finish it.
are you really supposed to get the glasses which means you gotta do it 35 times? or no?
socalswimpandaLevel 190 Bera Paladin
Posted: March


Wat ludi pq?, I never did such a thing
PsydeiLevel 196 Khaini Bishop
Mar 17 2013
i just did it once and it worked
andy11247Level 206 Windia Buccaneer
Mar 17 2013
Is tots still glitched for DBs because I can't seem to get the final reward...
DevilJin221Level 175 Scania Blade Master
Mar 17 2013
I have the same problem : any solutions yet?
InoruLevel 185 Broa Kanna 4
Mar 29 2013

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