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Hayato or kaiser

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smexyhell Level 122 Bera Thunder Breaker 4
I am a poor noob.i want good damage without much funding.Which do you think basilers? Hayato or kaiser
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AfroAmerican Level 150 Scania Wild Hunter 4
kaiser. i didnt come back to maple in time fast enough to try him, but i hear hes Op. hayato is the definition of fun
Mar 19 2013
DrakkoShade Level 165 Nova Demon Slayer 4
Kaiser. I have both and hayato doesnt even come close
Mar 19 2013
vongola1000 Level 173 Renegades Buccaneer
Mar 19 2013
Do you guys really think nexon won't nerf kaisers...?
Mar 19 2013
und3rknight Level 144 Bera Kaiser 4
Do you guys really think nexon won't nerf kaisers...?[/quote]

let them bring on the nerf I survived the ds nerf, I survived the phantom nerf, I will survive the kaiser nerf as well (if there is one)
Mar 19 2013
10thvongola Level 207 Broa Dark Knight
Kaiser also would be better while bossing , they ignore cancel and DR.
Mar 19 2013
cilverx4 Level 31 Scania F/P Wizard
Do you guys really think nexon won't nerf kaisers...?[/quote]

says the angelic buster.

Kaiser's nerf is 1 line off of giga slasher and some other non-important changes. Most everything is left as is. Mildly irritating at the worst.
ABs on the other hand...they get anally assaulted come nerf-time.
Mar 19 2013
xkillo32 Level 166 Windia Blade Master
-1 hit is nothing?
and @above ABs are already nerfed
Mar 19 2013
aznstyles Level 210 Mardia Dark Knight
@cilverx4 We already have the wrecked version of AB
Mar 19 2013
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