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Tots Pupil Questions

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Alright I made a new character and decided I would tryout this Tots teaching thing for fun. I get if you do all the quests per level they will let you level up for free from 1-60. I also understand that you get your classes armor/weapons every 10 levels in those boxes. My questions are:

-Are there any other rewards or point to do it besides the free levels or the gear every 10 levels?
-I see people with a Medal called Tots Pupil is that from this?
-I heard people got Hair/Face coupons from Tots, how do I get these or can I?
-Also someone said theres free Smegas from something involving Tots how do I claim these?

Alright sorry for the noob questions any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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You get a medal and a chair for completing all the quests. The quests teaches you how to do things while giving you free cash items as a reward. So just make sure to complete all the quests to get the cash stuff.
Mar 20 2013
IjuinEnzan Level 149 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
you can get a lot of stufs there like gear rom 10-60, free smegas (2), equip slot expansion, nx gears, vip hair cupon, and a pet, and idk more stuffs that u will find out later, at the lvl 60 and with all the quest of tot thing u got a medal +5 in all idnt remember well and +3 atk? i gues? and a chair is fun and all ur chars can do this gl!
Mar 20 2013
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
The free items are from quests that teach you about that item.

Utilize the Quest Helper = Quest Deliverer and Quest Competer
Change Hair and Face = Vip Hair coupon
Medal System = Tot's Pupil Medal (expires)
Using the Megaphone = 2 Smega's (1 to use for the quest + 1 more after completing the quest)
About Pets = Puffram + Puffram food
Inventory Expansion = 1 Equip Expansion
About Character Trait = Character Trait Potions
Utilizing Magnifying Glass = 3 Premium Magnifying Glasses
Utilizing Gachapon = 1 Gachapon Ticket (seems rigged to only give potions/food)
Utilizing Coupons = 1.5x Coupon for 4 hours (timer starts immediately after you finish the quest so don't complete it if you aren't going to train right then and there)

There is also a quest that gives you some 7 day nx clothes and another quest that gives you a level 50 cape, but I don't remember which quests those were. Also, all of the NX related quest rewards expire after 1-7 days depending on which item it is, so be aware of that also. If you miss any of the quests as you level up, you can click on the "Replay" tab to see a list of all of Tot's quests, which can be completed at any level so you can do all of the quests on your main as well.

When you complete every single Tot quest you get a permanent medal (Master of All Knowledge; 5 all stats, 3 attack), and a permanent chair.
Mar 20 2013
wait how does it instantly level you up? whatttt
Mar 20 2013
Alright thanks everyone for the answers, and to AranNoOb when you do the certain quests every level, you get the option to just hit level up and it instanly makes you the next level.
Mar 20 2013
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
@LazyLazyLazy Yes, it counts if you let the hair coupon expire. I did that for my Night Lord, so I can say for sure it works.
Mar 20 2013
tuesdaymorning Level 74 Scania Ranger
@ox0Shad0w0xo: Could you tell me when you can get the smegas? I would like to use one to sell an item, but I don't have NX
Mar 20 2013
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
@tuesdaymorning I'm not sure when the quests first appear so I can't say for sure, but considering that the quest is pretty close to the top of the "replay" list, I'd assume it comes up before level 30 (assuming the replay list is filled up in the same order that the quests become available in). Any character over 60 has the full list at their disposal though. Just click on "Replay" near the top right of Tot's Know-How UI window and it should bring up the list of quests. Scroll down a bit to find the quest and click through his explanation of what a Megaphone is, and he'll give you one to "test out" then another one for successfully using the first one and completing the quest.
Mar 21 2013

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