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P/c Occult cube

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I have been trying to sell an occult cube..
How much can i sell it for ?
If anyone interested in CMYK.. PM me
Posted: March 2013 Permalink


MechaBoomer Level 120 Bellocan Night Walker 3
@Fangclub Not sure how much they are now, but I know for sure that they have inflated from their previous price since all occult cubes are now untradeable once you get them from the sealed box thingy
Mar 21 2013
shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
I'd say around 50~70mil since a regular miracle cube is 60mil... I'll buy for 30mil if you want
EDIT: @above they've always been untradeble from the box the tradeble ones are from that attendance event
Mar 21 2013
Ty.. ill try to sell it for 50m ..
Mar 21 2013

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