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Mar 21 13
Chaos Kaiser 4

I have been trying to sell an occult cube..
How much can i sell it for ?
If anyone interested in CMYK.. PM me
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Mar 21 13
Bellocan Night Walker 3
Fangclub Not sure how much they are now, but I know for sure that they have inflated from their previous price since all occult cubes are now untradeable once you get them from the sealed box thingy
Mar 21 13*
Yellonde Battle Mage 4
I'd say around 50~70mil since a regular miracle cube is 60mil... I'll buy for 30mil if you want
EDIT: above they've always been untradeble from the box the tradeble ones are from that attendance event
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Mar 21 13
Scania Hayato 2
do dey even work
Mar 21 13
Chaos Kaiser 4
Ty.. ill try to sell it for 50m ..

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