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Mar 21 13
Mardia Hero
ok so basicly im at a crossroads. im a multi acct user who has a character for literally every single char option in maple right now except for a night walker and blaze wizard but those will happen eventually. everyone is only equiped with the most basic stuff cause im a broke college student so i cant buy tons of good stuff, the only exception is my hero and im not into sharing stuff for chars. pretty much ive been using my hero who is my original and main to get various stuff for my characters like z-helms etc since hes my highest lvled and best equiped but since i havent dont any hardcore bosses like van leon or empress or magnus yet and have rarely seen boss vids for heros im not sure about his effectiveness for the more hardcore ones in terms of if he could kill them alone if i really go all out on him with his equips and training since i mainly play solo. i want someone to be my bosser and focus on them for a while so i can start stockpiling equips for my massive army of chars but im not sure who. my favs are him, my lumi, kaiser, mech, and db but since i have not bossed with anyone else im not sure who would be the best at it. so i want to know your opinion on who out of those guys would be the best bosser overall, if they could be superior to my hero, or should i just go all out on my hero cause he can get the job done. also since i do have every class if theres any others that would be superior to the ones mentioned above then that would be helpful too. thanks for your input and i apologize for the long explaination.
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Mar 21 13*
Bera Xenon 4
Really? Wall of Text
Mar 21 13
Bera Shadower
I'm sorry, I didn't read the wall of text. Based on the title alone, as of right now in GMS, with unlimited funding, Angelic Buster is the top bossing class.
Mar 21 13
Bera Xenon 4
lumi is nice for bossing with equilibrium + ender
kaisers are super fast bossers as well.

However, Heroes are well-rounded with defense and attack. They can Magic Crash as well as deal significant damage with combo orbs and raging blow

Honestly, bossing is determined by your knowledge and skill, and not super impacted by the character's limitations.
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Mar 21 13
Scania Phantom 4
Basing my answer from the title of your thread, the current new classes fits in that spot.
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Mar 21 13
Aquila Paladin
tldr: he mains a hero, he likes it, but he's wondering if he should main other chars (namely lumi, kaiser, mech and db) for bossing.

depending on your funding. if you can't hit cap yet, heroes are not too bad and it's alright to main a hero for bossing.
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Mar 21 13
Scania Blade Master
I must know this aswell.
Mar 21 13
Windia Blade Master
Amazingly I read the entire paragraph. I would say kaiser is your best bet, the transformation allows you to attack through dr, making it EXTREMELY useful. Also gigas waves hits an amazing number of times.
Mar 21 13
Bellocan Evan 10th Growth
Pages. Pages da best.

OT: Fully job advanced Page. U never die.
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Mar 21 13
Mardia Hero
ty all for input
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