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Mar 24 13
Does everyone in the htpq party get it or does the leader of the party only get it?
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Mar 24 13
Bera Mercedes 4
Each member has to get all the marks separately but the party can repeat htpq so that every member gets the marks needed that are inside the pq.
Mar 24 13
So each pq = mark for 1 person?
Mar 24 13
KradiaGMS Bow Master
LeeJoon: There's this map where you kill mobs to get pieces of the badge in the PQ
So all members can get all pieces
Mar 24 13*
Bellocan Aran 1
LeeJoon: So each pq = mark for 1 person?

uhm not realy..
like if 3 / 6 ppl gotten the certificate from other bosses and all was need was ht .. then those 3 would goteen the htbadge

Edit: * Squad badge
Mar 24 13
Wait I'm confused. So from what I understand there are 3 badges that I need. Would everyone in the party be able to get all 3 in one pq?
Mar 24 13
Khaini Marksman
Yes everyone in the party can get the 3 drops inside the pq, but their is also 3 other items that drop from pianus pap and zak which are certificates which you get on your own. they are drops everyone can get you just need to keep doing the pq until everyone gets all 3 drops.
Mar 24 13
So the certificates have to be obtained separately but for everyone in the party can get all 3 badge in the htpq itself in one pq correct?

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