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When can one start killing bosses with good drops?

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Mar 26 13
Windia Shadower
Who doesnt want to sell good drops? I'll be 120 soon, whats a good boss to party with some buddies <140 or even for me to solo and get a few good drops.
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Mar 26 13
Broa Phantom 4
Nimbus Guild
The only bosses you can really make money from are bosses like Empress.
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Mar 26 13
zakum is all i know
Mar 26 13
KradiaGMS Wind Archer 2
Drops aren't really worth much these days, and the ones that are, aren't possible at this moment in time. At least in GMS.
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Mar 26 13*
Witb your expectations... not in a while. Lowest level boss with drops that are worth something are the Root Abyss bosses which you wont be able to solo (though definatly party-able). You can try to solo Zak if you're gutsy, but he doesn't commonly drop anything worthwhile.
Mar 26 13
Broa F/P Arch Mage
If you have NX, you can farm the bosses at tyrant castle for Heliseum and Nova equips, and sell those for 300m/1b a piece PSoK'd
Mar 26 13
Windia Corsair
The way I'm taking it, you don't sound like you want to scissor, so Root Abyss seems like the only option for you, considering Empress is a little too difficult for most people.
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Mar 26 13
Windia Shadower
Well if soloing isnt possible till ridiculous levels what can a party of 5 120s manage?
Mar 26 13
Khaini Zero Transcendent
Hilla drops Dabr, Wabr, and Almighty Ring recipes. I've gotten 4 almighty, 1 dabr and 1 wabr from her total.
Root abyss bosses can make you filthy rich if you get a lil bit lucky.
Helisium mini bosses drop equips worth 300m-1b if lucky
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Mar 26 13
Scania Phantom 4
You can probably get a group together for zak and horntail. But to do more than that you really need a larger group with higher levels.
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