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Mar 26 13
Windia Night Lord
Is the mushroom kingdom questline glitched for Kanna or is it just me? I can't complete the "investigate the outside castle walls" quest because nothing happens when I reach those thorned vines.

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Mar 26 13
Zenith Dark Knight
dont waste your time with mushroom castle go to scarecrows... then jesters, then mp3 and finally aliens thats the best way to go from 30 to 110 in few hours (days if you dont have enough time)
Mar 26 13
Scania Bishop
It's some kind of weird glitch with the new classes. You just have to do derp things or re-enter the map till it works.
Mar 28 13
Broa Kanna 4
didnt have a problem on my kanna when i started it
Mar 28 13*
Arcania I/L Arch Mage
Luigi311 Me neither, try coming closer to the thorned vine and try clicking around it AND in it, pressing NPC chat, if it doesn't work then it's probably glitched
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