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Does maple run on Windows Surface Pro?

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jolteon7 Level 205 Broa I/L Arch Mage
I know it didn't on the regular Surface RT, but does it run on Pro?
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no, the surface os is a mobile os, and mobile os's of all kinds can't play ms.[/quote]

what are you talking about? It is not a mobile MS. It runs the same OS as the notebook/desktop counterparts. The exact same.

The Surface Pro with regular Windows 8 is able to run Maplestory
Mar 27 2013
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It should run fine on the Surface Pro.
I use Windows 8 Pro and I'm playing MapleStory just fine.
Mar 27 2013
i know first is wrong, i was just wondering if anyone could personally confirm or deny it[/quote]

There's nothing wrong with your post.

Windows RT = cannot run maple
Windows 8 (surface pro) = can run maple
Mar 27 2013

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