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Apr 02 13
Broa Ranger
as the title says im coming back from a hiatus and found that i still had 14 GFA sitting around in my inventory so how much are they selling for right now.
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Apr 02 13
Broa Hero
I see them being sold for 20~25mil.
Apr 02 13*
Broa Blade Master
I believe ~12m in Broa like a month ago, not sure about now
Apr 02 13
Broa Cannoneer 4
about 20m
about 21m
Apr 02 13
Broa Corsair
18~20m iirc

Either your post or thread title is too short. Do not use a post extender (this will result in a suspension), simply put your response in sentence format.
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Apr 02 13
Broa Noblesse


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