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Evolving system password

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What is the password for Link 2 in the Evo system? Thanks!
Posted: April 2013 Permalink


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RisingSunX9 Level 169 Bera Kanna 4
Type whatever you want.
Apr 05 2013
steven7x23 Level 158 Bera Marksman
Your IGN i think
Apr 05 2013
damudo01 Level 120 Renegades Thunder Breaker 3
Your mom's name
Apr 05 2013
whiteflash219 Level 154 Windia Blade Master
type whatever u want.
Apr 05 2013
kennyowns Level 208 Chaos Dark Knight
I typed "Ur MOm
Apr 05 2013
TehResisting Level 200 Broa Mechanic 4
I typed "password"[/quote]

LOL me too f2
and then I went back
and it's anything
Apr 05 2013
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