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I'm trying to get into Evolving World at the moment but it won't let me. It says I didn't complete the 'World of My Making' quest but I can't find where to start it :s When I talk to ESS it only gives me the Digitizing 1 quest.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
allovershoeoholly - Level 190 Evan 10th Growth
Posted: April


I'm also super confused about this.
silkym39SolFighters - Level 120 Dawn Warrior 3
Apr 06 2013
googled looking for help with this and this thread came up :c with so many people doing evolution system, someone has to know....
NarwholLookyImADit - Level 131 Shadower
Apr 06 2013
just got to level 100 with my shadower and im having the same problem as well
any answers will be a lot of help thanks

P.S. i didnt have this trouble with my other 2 characters, and ive done nothing different .. so confused
Apr 07 2013
Since nobody seems to want to post it .. quit your party.
Apr 07 2013

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