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Gold beach help

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How do you exit this place? I did some of the quests but now i don't see the airplane dude.
How do i leave D:
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The airplane guy should be in the left most map or in the town which is the middle map, conversely if you have a return to town map (henesys, kerning ect) you can use one of those to get you out (worked for me).
Apr 06 2013
Aeronomx Level 174 Scania Corsair
I was stuck too, i had to use the link skill from my mercedes to get me out.
Apr 06 2013
Question: how do you go back? I accidentally clicked the invite when I didnt want to do the quests yet and now I wanna go back and do them. Thanks n_n[/quote]

go back to the dude he's standing somewhere in the six crossway
Apr 06 2013

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