Computer screen broken? Need help

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My desktop computer screen was working fine the. It suddenly started to turn datk then it went black completely. And the screen has this high frequency sound. Anyone know wuts up wit my comp screen? The moniter itself works fine, its just the screen. Anyone got a fix to this?
LexusTMLevel 31 Khaini Mercedes 2
Posted: April



Do u know what this is?
nc4228Level 202 Kradia Bishop
Apr 06 2013
I had a problem like this actually. It was something inside my computer that wasn't plugged in fully. So my comp worked and monitor just not the screen. So I just opened it up a pushed in some various things, prayed and boom-boom it worked.
DawnEmperorLevel 176 Windia Battle Mage 4
Apr 06 2013

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