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What is the reward for Gold Beach questline?

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So does anyone know what the gold beach reward is anyway? I just realised I have been doing it for an hour and a half and I dont even know what Im doing it for.
Whats the reward?
aalphabet2Producktions - Level 125 Cannoneer 4
Posted: April


a medal that's not even better than mushroom kingdoom
xkillo32xdualxray - Level 200 Blade Master
Apr 06 2013
I haven't started it, all I know is that there is a medal as a reward. I have been too busy with Evolution System.
Does it really take that long to complete the quests?
MasterobertDelusionDash - Level 200 Phantom 4Nimbus Guild
Apr 06 2013
Yea some of the quests are hunting 100 of a particular monster. Some are about looting.
U guys sure its just some medal?
aalphabet2Producktions - Level 125 Cannoneer 4
Apr 06 2013
It SUCKS. Such a waste of my time, I regret doing it
AmpedSqoe - Level 121 Blade Recruit
Apr 06 2013
Lol, the medal has a nice name though ... Beach Bum
xxsetokidxxSetoBug - Level 206 I/L Arch Mage
Apr 06 2013
Bad medal and a waste of time
Apr 06 2013

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