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Apr 08 13
Khaini Evan 10th Growth
This thread was made after the "Hyper Evolution Update" so all my info is dated after that.
Anyway Title basically says it. I got a free spot, someone help me decide whether to fill it with a sair or jett. this is a strictly jett or sair thread, so dont mention all those other "lesser" pirate classes (mech,bucc,AB,TB ect; ) <--- i know thats gunna start some raging =_=
I just need help on deciding which of these is better. i compared the skills. it seems that
1st-3rd Job - Jett > Sairs
4th + (hypers and stuff) - it seems that sairs catch up and even over take jetts in strength, dps , hp/def , and all that crap
So.....ya help me decide thank you
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Apr 08 13
Bellocan Night Lord
Jett link skill is good for all characters if you're not planning on maining.
You can't get Jett books right now from MMBs so GL with that =p
1st-3rd job shouldn't be considered much as it only takes a few hours to get into fourth.
Hypers for sairs put them way above jetts I believe... So go sair if you'lre looking for a main.
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Apr 09 13
Mardia Mechanic 2
Sair > Jett by far im terms of damage, I can't lie though Jett is flahhier.
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Apr 09 13*
Galicia Corsair
Sairs if I remember correctly overtook Jetts in fourth job before Hypers, and with Hypers being released, they've been bumped even further. Right off the bat Sairs have more Dps With majestic presence and its FA, also more mastery. Hypers gave a nice Def boost along with HP. However, Jetts are more mobile than sairs, by not much of margin. But yea honestly its really which you find better to your suiting.
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Apr 09 13
Scania Bow Master
SMTown Guild
corsairs have been better than jetts since the pirate revamp
i just hope that the hyper skills for jetts will buff them so much and blow corsairs out of the water. then we will see a bunch of QQ threads
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Apr 09 13
Khaini Evan 10th Growth
Well thats Sair - 4 and Jett - 0 (well maybe .5 points cause of what bradster1099 pointed out... )
Thanks guys a sair it is
Apr 09 13
Windia Corsair
Corsairs. By the way, I'm incredibly unbiased.
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Apr 09 13
Bera Bow Master
DON'T MAKE A JETT. This is coming from a 159 jett..... Corsairs do everything we do but look better (opinion) and get hypers. PLUS you can't find jett books anywhere I got lucky and go all mine from the release event shop.
Apr 09 13
Bera Jett 4
Jetts dont have a hyper
Apr 09 13
Khaini Buccaneer
Obviously, go with corsairs, more original and they have hypers! How awesome is that.
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