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Extreme Monster Park Is Amazing

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Apr 10 13
Bera Mercedes 2
I started today on my demon slayer I kept playing until lvl 40 I trained in there now im lvl 81
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Apr 10 13
Broa Night Lord
Hi! How long does it took you to get to level 81?
Apr 10 13
Bera Kaiser 4
Interesting, like ^ said how long did that take and were you using any EXP multipliers?
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Apr 10 13
Nova Angelic Buster 4
Isn't monster park extreme 60-100?
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Apr 10 13
Khaini F/P Arch Mage
okaythen: Isn't monster park extreme 60-100?

Normal Monster Park is 60 min. Extreme starts at 40.

The exp is absolutely amazing.
Apr 10 13
Scania Shade 4
took my cannoneer 7 minutes from 83 to 90 with extreme 53k a kill
Apr 10 13
Broa Night Lord
Wow ^^ just wow!

Now it will be easier for me to level up... I dot have a lot of time to play so i just stay on my main and upgrade some equips
Apr 10 13
Zenith Dark Knight
meh at 90+ aliens is better
Apr 10 13
Bera Bow Master
No 90+ monster extreme is better then aliens for sure......
Apr 10 13
Windia Demon Avenger 4
I really feel that this patch has given us some nice alternatives to aliens
Like monster park extreme and Evo system makes getting to 110 less tedious and boring
and its a great change of scenery
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