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How to get Dimension Gloves

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MesosNeedMe Level 116 Windia Blade Lord See what games, anime & art MesosNeedMe is intoMesosNeedMe
Hey guys, I'm wondering how you get those glove pieces to make a Dimension Glove.
And how do you make the better Dimension Gloves with 12att?
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BlindSuicide Level 182 Scania Demon Slayer 4
By completing the Dimensional Invasion PQ, you get a Normal Box. This box can contain glove pieces.
Once the PQ is completed you and your party are transported to a Boss stage. Beat the boss and you can get a Necromantic Box which can contain pieces for the better glove.
Apr 10 2013
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BlindSuicide Level 182 Scania Demon Slayer 4
Solo the boss? I don't really know how Phantom ranges work, so I can't answer that specifically.
But as a DS with a 40k range I can solo it in about 10-15 minutes. Everyone gets the box though so it's beneficial to do it in a party as the boss will get wooped faster.
Apr 10 2013
Like BlindSuicide said, i don't know how Phantom ranges work either, but if it is relatively similar to archer ranges then 90k is [i]plenty[/i].
Keep in mind that DS have a much easier time bossing though, that's really what they're built for, what with their no-knockback and high speed skills.[/quote]

Phantom damage is $#!t compared to archers
Apr 10 2013

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