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Last Unwelcome equips

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natty2 Level 222 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild natty2 @
I'd like to know where do you get these items.
Also, I'd like to have a p/c of the following:
Clean [url=]Last Unwelcome Guest Magician Shield[/url]:
+4 INT

Clean [url=]Last Unwelcome Guest Dagger (LUK)[/url]:
+3 LUK
+1 DEX
96 att

Reflection 30 (Lumi skill)
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It was from an old event a few years back, you can't get them any more unless you buy them from other people.
Apr 13 2013
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changda Level 100 Windia Kaiser 3
So there is no way to get it?
What event was that? and when?

And how much does it worth?[/quote]

It was from the Alien event. You can only get them from gachapon now.
They're not worth much, only the VIP weapons are worth a lot.
Apr 13 2013
Hungry Level 210 Scania Night Lord
It was part of the alien invasion event around Big Bang. They sometimes add the unwelcomed items into gachapon.
Most of the unwelcomed weapons are worth under 50m.
Apr 13 2013
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copox123 Level 217 Broa Bishop
Gachapon! I got an Unwelcome Guest Belt, not too sure about weapons though.
Apr 13 2013
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