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Maplestory 2 Cp, Ap, Skills and Masteries

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2KLeaves Level 140 Windia Phantom 4
Yes, this is a 2D Side-Scrolling MMO. Don't rely on that announcement a year ago.
This thread lacks the visuals necessary to present, but reading should do the trick. Enjoy!

Maplestory 2

Maplestory 2 is a game that reinvents Maplestory from scratch, with new concepts that we have learned through the mistakes of Maplestory 1, and improvements to things we regret.

Maplestory 2 is a game set in the post-Black Mage era with large scale travelling, exploration, player houses, guild homes, active NPCs, an active world, economy, and training systems have been reinvented along with crafting, skills, leveling, and even rewards and the quests. Cutscenes have become a thing. Maple World seeks to rebuild itself 30 years after the game of Maplestory 1, and you are a Mapler of the new world.

Field Travel maps:

Cash Items
- AP reset (5): 1400nx
- AP Reset (20): 4000nx
- Total AP Reset: 20000nx
- CP Reset (4): 1000nx
- CP Reset (20): 4000nx
- Total CP Reset: 20000nx
- Rebirth: 25000nx (Skills, AP and CP reset. Skills do not disappear)
- Super Rebirth: 25000nx (Resets everything but inventory and event skills gained. Skills gained from quests, etc disappear.)
- Deep Rebirth: 25000nx (The player's ranking also resets, along with the effects of a Super Rebirth.)

- Health
- Magic
- Defense
- Magic Defense
- Avoidability
- Accuracy

Weapon Masteries
  • *Other weapons may appear in future updates after launch.
- Swords = 1H Sword, 2H Sword
- Blunts = 1H Mace, 2H Mace, 1H Hammer, 2H Hammer, Wrench (possibility)
- Spears/Polearms = Spear, Polearm
- Axes = 1H Axe, 2H Axe, Tomahawk (possibility)
- Bows = Bow
- Crossbows = Crossbow, Sniper (possibility)
- Guns = Pistol, Duel Pistols
- Artillery = Hand Cannon, Turret (mounts), Cannon (mounts)
- Daggers = Dagger, Katara+Dagger
- Throwing = Stars, Other
- Magic = Magic skills
- Staffs = Staff (melee)
- Wands = Wand (luck)
- Machines = Mechs and other machine mounts, along with their skills, machine summons
- Taming (possibility) = Riding mounts, skills around mounts, familiars (summons)

CP, AP, and Masteries

CP, AP, and Masteries
Essentially there are no levels in Maplestory 2. However, there are things to level, including an overall ranking system. Along the UI interface of the character, there are three meters. The main Exp bar has a little circular emblem to the left of it. This meter represents the character's actual level. It is represented by a number of badges. This is not affected by CP resets or rebirths, but is affected by deep rebirths. There is a second bar with medium thickness, and it stands for the experience required for more CP, which stands for Character Points. The thin bar above that represents the experience required for more AP, which stands for Ability Points.

The number of badges is like getting to level 230 pre-BB, but the experience caps at 230, and players can keep getting badges until one finally reaches 1000. If anyone ever gets there, then congratulations! The experience for everything CP, AP, Badges, and even Masteries is like a slightly more difficult version of pre-2008 leveling in Maplestory 1. It must take a few years to accomplish such goals of 200 badges, but don't worry, you will be occupied along the way. The game will be fun and adventurous that you may not care about leveling that far, but the race will continue.

Masteries on the other hand, are logged in the skills window. The weapon the character is wearing will have its experience bar located in the stats window. It is just a thin small bar that a player can mouse over to see how much experience is required to bring up its mastery.

Character Points
The formulas or how much gives what is not certain, but the ideas of how they work is self-explanatory. Health is for HP, Magic is for MP, Defense is the physical defense, and Magic Defense is defense against magic. Avoidability will determine the evasion rate of a player.

Accuracy is much different than the current game, though. There is no miss rate in Maplestory 2. However, some enemies may have certain evasion rates. Accuracy works that it compares a player's accuracy to an enemy's resistance to criticals. Capped at 50% critical rate and 175% critical damage, a player's accuracy will determine how much his/her critical rate will be against an enemy. Accuracy will also counter against an enemy's evasion rate.

Ability Points
- Strength = Melee
- Dexterity = Ranged
- Willpower = Magic
- Luck = Skilled

When opening the stats UI, there will actually be four different damage ranges. They are melee, range, magic and skill. Each enemy has a certain resistance against each, and each weapon mastery falls under a certain category. Hands count as melee.

When being given melee attack, ranged attack, magic attack or skilled attack on a weapon or equipment, it raises the maximum range of its respectful damage range. Strength, Dexterity, Willpower and Luck also raise the maximum on each range. Each mastery controls each range differently.

For example, in Maplestory 1 a player's magic damage is always 1~1 for each physical weapon. When a player changes from just hands to a dagger, even the ranged damage range changes. This is to allow for any future skills Nexon plans to introduce that provide ranged gameplay to a dagger or hand user (roped dagger?).

Weapon masteries raise the minimum damage range of its respectful ranges.

There is a limit to how much total base AP a player can gain. If a player feels like wanting to be able to use a certain advanced skill after training so far to the limit, they must use an AP reset. AP resets do not give the player 5 or 20 free AP. They just remove some of the base AP from the player. The player must train to gain back the AP he/she has reset. An example would be having a level 200 character in Maplestory 1, reseting him to 180, and having to retrain the character back to 200. It would be a hassle because of the close-to-200 experience required, but it helps. However, a total reset back to level 1 would also reset the difficulty. This paragraph also applies to CP.


Unlike Maplestory 1, there are no classes in Maplestory 2. Therefore there are no restrictions, nor are there 50 characters to choose from in the character selection screen. YOU are the hero, and this is YOUR story. Players can be rewarded skills after unlocking them via quests, job instructors, finding skill books, etc. Some may require a certain amount of AP applied to a certain ability in order to use. For example, a player may have unlocked a certain skill and has used it, but if they reset their strength back to a number below the requirement to use this skill, it is grayed out. The player can not use this skill again until they have gained this much strength.

Skills have grade levels, similar to Mabinogi. Based on how much the player has trained with a certain skill, it will go from F to E. A ranked skills have the highest, and require extensive use of certain skills. Getting a 20 strength skill from F to E may take just a day, but getting B to A may not be achieved even over a week. Each skill has different amounts of experience required to level from each grade. Some may be far easier than others.

Skills are not overpowered, and each is based on training in certain areas. A player with high strength, high mobility and low defense may use speedy flashy skills to their advantage, while a player with high strength, low mobility and high defense may care about protection and skills that blow the enemies away.

This system of skills will allow for an infinite number of paths a player can choose, and classes will not be a restriction in this game. The system will also allow for Nexon to keep adding in skills, like a green power strike (or even a power strike charging skill), or a snowball skill for Winter events. Maybe a new skill for your mount came out. You can train to get that.

How is it?
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Archfiendz Level 213 Windia Phantom 4
source plox
Apr 13 2013
Koncept Level 53 Windia Fighter
Set in the post-Black Mage era? We don't even have the Black Mage yet![/quote]

and maplestory 2 hasnt come out yet?
Apr 24 2013
google it. it is made by ACSoft, in other words it's copyright infringing but ANYWAYS. It seems decent, but not worth it if you truly love maple.
Apr 26 2013
copperchan Level 172 KradiaEMS Battle Mage 4
ACsoft is a sofware consulting company and another ACsoft is a firework company in Belgium..
Nexon clearly stated that the WIZET devolpment team is working on MapleStory 2.
Devolpers don't create games with copyright infriging because that would be a huge waiste of money and time.

I also searched around on the internet but I couldn't find any new material related to MapleStory 2.

Everything that I know and that is based on facts can be found here:
Apr 26 2013
goldyboi Level 120 Scania Thunder Breaker 3
This is fake in case anyone is wandering.
Apr 26 2013
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