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Ds Link Skill

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So DS gets lv 2 link skill but phantom doesnt get? sighz whats wrong w/ nexon. If you are going to give DS lv 2 link skill might as well give it for the rest of classes like Kaiser, AB, Lumi, Mercedes, Phantom etc..
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Eaglesmash56 Level 208 Bera Phantom 4
wheres your face?
Apr 14 2013
Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
nexon should give you a head
Apr 14 2013
NinjkaMag Level 137 Bellocan Night Walker 4
its hard out here cuz, you having no head and all
Apr 14 2013
I agree, my shad needs it -__- stupid base 5% crit for a thief[/quote]

That's what flip the coin is for.
Apr 14 2013
pedropimp101 Level 202 Broa Cannoneer 4
next patch will be the other lvl 2 links and creation of those chars also
Apr 14 2013
SeeBee007 Level 207 Nova Shadower
@BurritoMan: yeah ik, I also have crit neb but I'm trying for 90%+
Apr 14 2013
cheapstuff Level 163 Scania Wild Hunter 4
I totally feel you i got 90% crit i just need 10% more -.-
Apr 14 2013
my head got nexon'd.. as usual..

anyways i hope nexon decides to give all classes lv 2 link skill soon. like in next patch...
Apr 14 2013
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