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is there a guide to how I can maximize the use of Evo World? Also can someone explain how to use these cores and where are they?
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Razmos Level 204 Khaini Kanna 4
The first question is simple.
Use drop rate, equipment and monster spawn cores if you want drops. Use spawn rate and HP cores if you want exp.

About the second question, you do realize there was a tutorial IN GAME right. One that you HAD to go through in order to gain access. Pay more attention.
Apr 14 2013
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shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
What's the best way to obtain Coins? I only get about 2 a minute

EDIT: Link 3 + 30% population + 10% drop rate
Apr 14 2013
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Nickydoodle Level 154 Chaos Blade Master
I get maybe 10 a min
no droprate cores which is weird
Apr 14 2013
Buy 10% drop rate core and 30% monster population for the first few times so you can start getting some cores.

I usually configure evo to do one of two things: 1. Go for exp. 2. Go for drops.

1. If you want exp, use these cores 30% monster population, 4x hp, 5% party exp. And turn on your 1.5 family exp if you have.

2. If you want drops use cores 30% monster population, 10% drops, and any specific drop you might need. Also use 1.5 drop rate from family. Also use spider familiar if you have. (raises drop rate.)

You will find new cores that unlock links and slots to add more cores as you go. The best cores drop from monsters so just start killing.

I had my best evo run last night when I used the following cores that I had bought/found: 30% population, 30% drop rate, mineral drop 50%, bronze drop, 10% exp.
I also used 1.5 drop rate from family and had the spider familiar. I finished with 113 boxes 150 bronze and got a complete level up (lv 135->136)
Apr 14 2013
shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
Actually, if you unlock the special core, you can stack monster population (50%) with the (30%) to get (80%). And I think there's a (100%) one too. The Drop rate stacks as well
Apr 14 2013
@shadowind7: Thanks for the info. Can't wait to try. I haven't gotten that center core slot yet, do you know how to get it? Just another drop I'm guessing.
Apr 14 2013
@GunPowder: Sweet, I didn't even notice that one in the shop. So you say the do mass damage, did you have any cores on that affected how hard it was to kill them?
And I was just wondering what then next item I'd spend my coins on was.
Again I appreciate the info.
Apr 14 2013
shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
@shadowind7: Thanks for the info. Can't wait to try. I haven't gotten that center core slot yet, do you know how to get it? Just another drop I'm guessing.[/quote]
That is what I've heard. I haven't confirmed. Also @above, the link 9 ones stun and can gang up on you o_o long range ftw

EDIT: 2 above*
Apr 14 2013
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
@mrkungpow Well it depends on what you mean by "maximize" and if you're including only what's in the shop, or drops as well.

For exp:
Monster HP x20
Monster Population +100%
Monster level +10 (or Party Exp +15% if in a party)
-If Unique core slot is unlocked: Monster Population +50% (stacks with other population cores)

For drops:
Monster Population +100%
Drop rate +30%
Whatever item/ore/herb drop rate core you want
-If Unique core slot is unlocked: Monster Population +50% or Drop rate +20%

Obviously you won't have those types of cores active each time you go in though (the ones above are rare drops), so in that case you would just purchase whatever cores fit your needs for what you plan on doing. For exp Monster HP cores give the most noticeable difference (of course it will slow you down if you don't kill them fast enough, but you can experiment), and then monster population and monster level are the others you would want. For drops you'd want increased drop rate and monster population, but you wouldn't want extra hp or levels as those don't affect the drop rates and would only slow down your farming.

Also these would be done in Link 3 as the flying monsters there are great. Also as was already stated, if you try to unluck the special/unique slot, it has you kill monsters in link 9, which also has to be unlocked. So make sure you have it unlocked first and make sure you can take 3k+ damage since the monsters in link 9 are Evo versions of mutant ribbon pigs that are normally found in the 160+ area known as Future Hene.
Apr 14 2013
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