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Demon Slayer or Demon Avenger Stronger

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I would like everyone's opinion on which one is stronger, and is it stronger because of it needing to be nerfed (heard it was nerfed 3 times and still better). What is it good at, bossing or training? I also heard a rumor that if you are a pre-made Demon slayer that you can change to a Demon Avenger, is that true? Thank you
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Avengers are cooler and stronger IMO
Apr 18 2013
What. DS is stronger, especially after Hyper Skills.[/quote]

But DA get there own Hyper skills to.
Apr 18 2013
DA are stronger for 1v1, DS are better at mobbing & training.

And no, you cannot swap from a DS into a DA. Only new characters can become DAs.
Apr 18 2013
I've seen that newbie tutorial. All DA starts off looking like a default DS and then changes looks into a DA (white hair, etc.).
I don't think already existing DS can change into DA though.
Apr 18 2013
Alright well sound like I'll just have to wait for the new character. I hope I was right about the change thing. Thought I read it on OrangeMushroom Blog or SouthPerry. I dont remember. I hope though. Rather have a bossing character the a mob/training character since I don't need to train anymore. ^.^
Apr 18 2013
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
But DA get there own Hyper skills to.[/quote]
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Apr 18 2013
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