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What range to hit Max?

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LiliKoby Level 205 Broa Blaze Wizard 4 Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art LiliKoby is intoLiliKoby
What kind of range, attack, and % Strength would i need to hit max damage with Raging blow fully self buffed (not including high cd buffs) on normal mobs?
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Stamina Level 220 Windia Beginner
I hit cap on bosses (Over cap with Hyper Buffs) on mobs i hit around 400-500ks all with a 85k self buffed range. I have like 7x%Str and Decent amount of W.Attk.
So maybe a 110k range maybe?
Apr 19 2013
damonaire Level 154 Demethos Hero
Someone said 1xx% str, 100% ignore def & 70% boss lets you hit cap everywhere

With 100% crit, i hit cap with a 152k range tho (50% pdr)
Apr 19 2013
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EggTree Level 200 Galicia Wind Archer 4
no you would get like a 130-140k range with that
Apr 19 2013
im pretty sure you would hit cap with those
Apr 19 2013
calebheads Level 200 Scania Hero
@Stamina and @Damonaire : Do you think i could hit max with these equips?
What im thinking my equips will be:
15% str Earrings
12% str Bottom
18% str Top
6% str tempest accessores (x4)
Ark ring set
256atk 1h sword w/ 21% atk
18 atk shield w/ 23% str
12% str shoes
12% str cape
10 atk branch nose
10% str specs[/quote]

Either this is a show-off thread or you have no clue about heroes' damage. You will easily hit cap with that.
Apr 19 2013
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You need a minimum of 240k range to hit cap on regular mobs with crit, otherwise 260k range to hit cap on every hit.
Apr 19 2013
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