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Kanna link skill level 2

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Couldn't find a post on this...
I got my kanna to level 100, but the link skill didn't change. Anyone have any idea how I can get it to level 2.
(Read a couple of times that it isn't at level 120..)
Posted: April 2013 Permalink


ImaHooka Level 202 Scania Mercedes 4
im pretty sure they changed it to lv 120 in the latest patch
Apr 20 2013
Mirandath Level 80 Windia Aran 3
get your kanna to level 120
Apr 20 2013
its at lvl 120 , they changed it during the evo and hyper patch
Apr 20 2013
To get the link skill to level 2, you must level your Kanna to level 120.
It was changed in the last patch. .
Apr 20 2013

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