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Apr 20 13
Windia Blade Master
Couldn't find a post on this...
I got my kanna to level 100, but the link skill didn't change. Anyone have any idea how I can get it to level 2.
(Read a couple of times that it isn't at level 120..)
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Apr 20 13
Windia Bishop
Zinnia Guild
Pretty sure it's at level 120 now.
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Apr 20 13
Windia Kaiser 2
Whoever told you that link skill level 2 wasn't at 120 are lying.
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Apr 20 13
Scania Mercedes 4
im pretty sure they changed it to lv 120 in the latest patch
Apr 20 13
Windia Aran 3
get your kanna to level 120
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Apr 20 13
Windia Blade Master
its at lvl 120 , they changed it during the evo and hyper patch
Apr 20 13
Scania Angelic Buster 4
To get the link skill to level 2, you must level your Kanna to level 120.
It was changed in the last patch. .
Apr 20 13
Windia Blade Master
all alright thanks

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