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Apr 20 13
Khaini Beginner
Hey Basil,

A while back, the Root Abyss items with the "All scrolls except Enhancement Scrolls will succeed" effect were glitched and all EE's worked on them. I was wondering if these items were still glitched because I got one of these Bowman overalls and I didn't want to risk booming it after I scrolled it for attack. Does anyone know if these items are still glitched? (As in will all my EE's work on them?)

Thanks in advance.
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Apr 21 13
Bera Phantom 4
cLearLybaD: "All scrolls except Strengthening Scrolls will succeed"

Fixed it for you.
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Apr 21 13
Broa Blade Master
No, I believe that they fixed the glitched. I even remember a kid complaining on basil that his crossbow blew up on the third EE. It had only 2 stars and his next attempted blew it.
Apr 21 13
Windia Paladin
No wonder I could EE my shoes as many times as I liked a while ago.

Hmmm, funny.
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Apr 21 13*
Khaini Beginner
CaptCandy: Fixed it for you.

Are you sure? I swear mine says Enhancement.. I'll check again later because I can't seem to open Maple right now.

suckapow, Aww, thanks!
Apr 21 13*
Scania Wind Archer 4
Studio Guild
I had an overall that used to say "All scrolls except Strengthening Scrolls will succeed" but now it just says something like no scrolls can destroy it or something.
Like the descriptiion just changed after a patch
Apr 21 13*
Bera Luminous 4
CaptCandy: Fixed it for you.

No.. he had it right the first time. That's the all scrolls will not break the item except strengthening scrolls or some variation of that.

cLearLybaD Yes, Nexon fixed it. Any enhancement scroll except AEE (100%) will boom it. I tried an EE on a crap "all scrolls will succeed except enhancement scrolls" warrior overall and it broke on the first try.
Apr 21 13
Khaini Beginner
Minuyet: Aww I was hoping that I could spam EE's on mine I just got mine today for my Marksman haha.

Oh well, thanks!

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