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Demon Avengers completely sideline Pallys?

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Lvl 109 with 52k HP (According to the Demon Avenger guide)? *Deep, sorrowful sigh* Now we lost the one unique (and useful) trait we had of being MapleStory's tankers. Well, we can still hope that DA's take triple the amount of damage Pallys do.... that could even the odds?

Would love to hear the opinions of the more experienced paladins (or overall players in general).

- A Paladin lover.
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Rimkii Level 206 Bera Marksman
From my understanding, DAs skills are HP based as well. so unless they have the same absurd amount of defence as we do and the fact that they are a bit more balanced and not OP, i'm not really that worried. i'll still play my paladin
Apr 21 2013
@Rimkii I'd like your post if it'd let me...

*Reading the DA guide*

So far, so broke. I respect your point of view, as it's completely understandable and thought with sensibility as well, but the guide so far is proving them to be wishful thoughts.... I just hope I'm wrong.
Apr 21 2013
Blazetent Level 204 Broa Buccaneer Nimbus Guild
Pally's are Pally's and DA's are DA's. Just because DA's have a large amount of hp, doesn't mean it has or will 'sideline' other classes.
DA's use attacks which that consume HP.. A lot of HP.
Apr 21 2013
FreeWii4Mii Level 230 Bellocan Hero
hp isn't really a factor in seduce + 1/1
paladins aren't tanky because of their hp, they're tanky because they guard almost all attacks and have 71% damage reduction on things that actually hit them

1/1 literally takes one third of my hp instead of all of it
Apr 21 2013
@Blazetent Not that anybody can remove Pally's from the game in general, but they can hurt the way others look at Pally's in terms of common traits other classes more dominantly possess. For example, if someone was to choose between a DA or a Pally to take along with in a PQ with a slot for only one of them, chances are that the DA would be preferred over the Pally since the DA can do everything the Pally can but better (once again, just an opinion. Don't bash me for that, please.).

But then again, the fact you mentioned of certain DA skills consuming HP does make a lot of sense and can probably even the odds out to quite the extent... the DA Guide author's comment of "Gonna laugh at Paladins now." is the only thing that worries me (assuming the fact that the author is an experienced player who knows what he/she is talking about).

(Same for the two comments above this post.)
Apr 21 2013
Sarlacc Level 135 Elnido Demon Avenger 4
Demon Avengers use a lot of hp to use their good attacks, therefore to keep consistent dps, they need to have a lot of health. That factor is what will divide funded and nonfunded players. I don't think that pally's will be sidelined.
Apr 21 2013
Rimkii Level 206 Bera Marksman
I haven't fully read up on DAs yet, i'm still trying to figure out xenon's setups . I don't really know if they will have any party buffs (of course no one gives a crap about CO anymore either).
Paladins will still be unique and helpful thanks to:high defense skills, interchangeable elemental attacks, magic crash for bossing, and combat orders if that's still really wanted anywhere.
DAs will be more: HP based in anything including attacks, easier to fund, more balanced, and the big one really-NEW.

So overall, i don't think the Demon Avenger will flat out replace Paladins just because there are still plenty of differences. Truthfully i see them more replacing their original demon slayer counterpart if anything.
Apr 21 2013
NovaCokeService Level 149 Scania Kaiser 4
Yes, they do have rediculously high hp. However, their skill, exceed:execution cuts down you hp by 9% each time you use it. Which significantly decreases your hp and damage.
Apr 21 2013
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
most* bosses post unlimited do their dmg bassd on % hp, just like root abyss, bypassing achiles, power guard, guarding skills, etc

so both classes are equally defenceless, well ignoring the fact that pallys can use sacrosanctity
Apr 21 2013
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