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Range to solo Dimension Invasion

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Apr 24 13
Khaini Blade Master
Just wondering what range should I have to beat Dimension Invasion with in the 10 minute mark as a Dual Blade, Luminous, and Kaiser.
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Apr 24 13
Bera Angelic Buster 4
i have a decent range of 30-40k on lumi and i can solo id say for a db 35k -40k im not sure but dbs have more mobbing skills so they can complete faster
Apr 24 13
Scania Phantom 4
I solo on my Phantom no problem at 82k range, DB at 70k and NL at 78k. So anything over 45-50k shouldn't be a problem in there. Perhaps the classes with no good mobing skills will struggle a bit.
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Apr 24 13
Windia Blade Master
I did it with a 56k range. I'm sure you can go a little bit lower.
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Apr 24 13
Broa Hero
sorry for stealing post but how do you time hilla's pet's DR ?
Apr 24 13
Bera Blade Recruit
What the above poster said. I can solo with 49k unbuffed. :
Apr 24 13
Bera Mercedes 4
dannysupaxp: sorry for stealing post but how do you time hilla's pet's DR ?
Its 1st DR is when his HP falls below your 7th buff (on 1024X768 resolution)
After that it DRs every 90 seconds (including the time it has DR on).
Apr 24 13
Bera Angelic Buster 4
i time the dr by just waiting for his dr effect
Apr 24 13
Scania Night Lord
I solo it in about 8mins (including blackheart) with a 132k range and about 14x% boss
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Apr 24 13
Windia Paladin
8 min as well with a 235k range. you dont need a range anywhere near that tho
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