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p/c on loveless cannon?

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Does anyone know the approximate cost of a loveless cannon?

On another note, does anyone want to sell me one? Clean or otherwise

Thank you
EatsBrainsSmokerbot - Level 143
Posted: April


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I want to know too.
toadPLNTACILGO - Level 120
Apr 24 2013
Hm I purchased one for 1.5b in my server, but I felt it was underpriced

Edit: whops i meant fafnir sorry guys was on mobile
xxdarkxxsinxUndetect - Level 213
Apr 24 2013
A few weeks ago, i saw some from 60-100mil. But sadly i have no idea now
RimkiiArchangeix3 - Level 206
Apr 24 2013
Loveless cannon is 150-250m in my server.
PinkHologramsfaerse - Level 133
Apr 24 2013
Holy crap, 1.5b in CYMK?

They were ~80-150m in GAZED a month ago (though admittedly i only saw about two in FM), and last week i saw an under average one for 200m unsold. They're rare, but i'd hardly think they'd be rare to the point of... billions, clean...
tifaxxpandaxsinx - Level 56 Loner Guild
Apr 24 2013
In windia ive seen them on average 45-70
Apr 24 2013
Hm I purchased one for 1.5b in my server, but I felt it was underpriced[/quote]

Omg Frank your probably talking about Fafnir Cannon!
They are 100-200m in CMYK.
XtraCannonXtraCannon - Level 196
Apr 24 2013
I bought one in Bera for 65m when we had that event with a blue message when someone found one in the box...1 per day..
toadPLNTACILGO - Level 120
Apr 24 2013
I have a 174att cannon that I'll sell if I like the price I'm from Bera as well.
Apr 25 2013
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