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Xenon vs. Demon Avenger

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Marceaux Level 203 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Can you list the pros and cons of each?

I'm thinking of maining one of them and I want to know which would benefit more from 6b funding
Mobility is very important to me so which is better in that aspect? thanks ~
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xenon wins in every single category
Apr 25 2013
Xenon has better mobility. It is on par with ABs.
Apr 25 2013
ZzXxskyxXzZ Level 204 Broa Night Lord
Xenon is probably better in every aspect, maybe except for tanking monsters.
Apr 25 2013
Alchemy1234 Level 202 Windia Xenon 4
Xenon is probably better in every aspect, maybe except for tanking monsters.[/quote]

ya i hear demon avengers can easily tank damage reflect too
Apr 25 2013
New Screen: Fight back, maplers!
I Just love Xenon it looks like it's own class..
A DA is a knock of to a DS in my perspective.
Don't Hate.
Apr 25 2013
If you're thinking about making a DA, the older DS are better. So yes Xenon beats Demon avengers in every single category apart from health (no class can beat DA's in terms of HP).
Apr 25 2013
xdwow Level 65 Windia Cleric
ya i hear demon avengers can easily tank damage reflect too[/quote]

And xenon can attack through damage reflect by avoiding, which is what they do best.
Apr 25 2013
moonmirage Level 144 Yellonde Demon Avenger 4
**Xenons Pros**
Potential for insane damage
Sexy hair styles
After lvl 200 doesn't need to add in secondary stats since main stats will only be in the 300s not capped
Legit flying skill that you can attack during
High avoid rate

**Xenon Cons**
Really expensive equips
I mean really really expensive
Did I mention the expensiveness of their equips?
Everyone will hate you for having a ton more damage than they do
Stupid bandwagon haters will hate you

**Demon Avengers Pros**
HP main stat
Cheap equips
High damage (not as high as Xenon but pretty high)
Fluffy Hair
Easy to fund
Exceed System
Can glide, double jump, and fly upwards

**Demon Avenger Cons**
Costs HP to use skills
Skills do damage based on current HP not maximum HP
Must be at full HP to do Maximum amount of damage
Blue skin (I think Demon avengers might have the option to have light pale tanned and Dark skin if GMS decides to be nice like KMS)
Slow attack speed until Exceed activates
Apr 25 2013
MangoCoffee Level 111 Arcania Kanna 4
OP at everything

Expensive to fund

**Demon Avenger**
Good at everything
Not mainstream
Cheap to fund

Xenon is better at just about everything.

It's that simple. But either one is a good choice.
Apr 25 2013
New Screen: Xenon hideout
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