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Maplestory 2 Sprite Systems

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2KLeaves Level 140 Windia Phantom 4
Point out the flaws if you can spot any.
Yes, this is a 2D side-scroller.

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Maplestory 2: Sprite Systems

Visual can be found here

7/7 Sprites
7 by 7 means that there seven sprite movements per 3D orientation of the character, which there are seven of them. The picture shows five arrows. Those are orientation arrows. The down arrow means it is pointing towards the screen, while the up arrow points towards the background. The right arrow points directly right, and there are diagonal arrows in between. The picture shows one diagonal arrow, but there are actually two for the game.

Say that someone's leg was bending. The character was orienting to the right. That means a 90 degree angle with the screen. There are seven sprites for the leg;
  1. Straight leg
  2. Bending
  3. Bending
  4. Right angle
  5. Bending
  6. Bending
  7. As much as your leg can fold

7 x 7 = 49. There are 49 sprites for one leg. Two legs are equal to 98, and there may have to be some buttocks sprites to connect any odd-looking movements where the end of a leg looks disconnected to the body.Let's assume there are 3 sprites for each orientation. 21 sprites. 98 + 21 = 119 sprites. That is one pair of pants. 119 + 1 sprite for the inventory sprite = 120 sprites in all for the pants.

The good thing about this sprite system is that it is universal and newer movement sprites may never have to be made ever again.

Note that there are 5 drawn movements in the picture for the up and down orientations. There are actually 7, because five could lead to confusion when one sprite switches to the next after orienting the character.

Also note that eyes and mouth have separate sprite systems. The flaw with Maplestory 1 I could spot with my own experience, is that I like having Phantom's eyes, but I'd rather not have my character smile all day. Don't worry though, when you buy a face coupon you can switch both your eyes and mouth. VIP coupons will allow you to switch through eyes and mouth to help you mix and match. Mouth sprites being separate help for cutscenes and movements that involve moving it.

7 sprite movements for a little object might seem a bit too much, and one sprite may never be used. But two years down the road, the devs would be thanking themselves. Animators would, as well.

Sprite Positioning System
X Reflection
Y Reflection

For every pose in the game, each sprite follows the sprite positioning system. One big flaw with Maplestory 1 is that there are sprites called SwingO1, etc and they have specific sprites. The devs have to reuse these sprites when introducing new movements, in hopes that it will work. With the SPS, a dev just has to plot the sprite on the character, with a link to the original sprite, and there we go. This will allow for an infinite number of movements to be created, allowing for hotkey movements/poses and emotions to be available via unlocking or cash shop.

Cutscene Positioning System
Those Sony Vegas videos with the sprites being used for movies, so the SPS can also be a CPS for making cutscenes that actually have the player inside them. However, why would a player with a crossbow be having a sword fight with someone? That is the one huge flaw. There could be a Mabinogi-styled cutscene, where the player can play as certain heroes for certain missions, and their character would just get basic cutscenes. But then again, a hero can just get an animated video instead. It's all in the discussion.

Yes this is fanmade.
So how is it?
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darklord666 Level 220 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
Makes sense considering how the game is currently and how we really do need some kind of changes to be made to animations of characters. A lot of people who review this game also tend to bring up the sprite sheets being obsolete or overused with newer classes that come out, lazily implemented.

There is still a lot of potential in Maplestory 1, in fact we don't really need a Maplestory 2, just a massive change in the sprite sheets to make every class look, feel and play out uniquely. They are unique in their own playstyle but I mean for the sense where we feel the animations in movement, the basic general foundation for sprite movement in this game needs work done and should not be lazily cast aside. Fluid gameplay for this game relies on the sprite implementation/ editing and should be considered by Nexon if they hope to attract a greater audience who play games not just for appeal of new content but for functionality and coherant feel as well.
Apr 28 2013

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