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Kaisers that can solo Madman Ranmaru

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Hey. Are there any kaisers out there that can solo Madman Ranmaru? I dont know why, I cant seem to finish him before the pillars cover the map. I was wondering if anyone know anything that im missing. I hit all caps against him, including ancestral prominence, but I seem to always run out of time right when i start whittling away his last bar of health.

I do the same thing i do for empress. Remain untransformed and lay into him with 3 wingbeats going. Use majesty when he drs. Transform briefly when I have to. He sometimes gets off the 1hko as well, when he pauses for a few seconds...but sometimes he doesnt. Im sure there's some damage threshold or something. Ive looked on youtube for a precise method to follow (if such a thing exists) and cant find any kaiser solos. All of them are dbs going ham on his ass with asura.

Any pro's around?
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iEvanMaster Level 210 Khaini Xenon 4
I haven't actually attempted a solo, but I was planning to use dragon barrage on the summons, since 1hko moves work against them and dragon barrage has a 25% chance to 1hko
Apr 30 2013
It's a party boss, why are you trying to solo ....
Apr 30 2013
TheLoyalPlum Level 155 Scania Mercedes 4
Kill the middle summon whenever he appears. It will stop most of the flames. 1hko skills work on them, so a WH card might be helpful.
Apr 30 2013
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
It's a party boss, why are you trying to solo ....[/quote]

who said it was a party boss? many friends o mine sole him easily for 150 sets (many of them DB's)
Apr 30 2013
aznDitness Level 83 Bellocan Mercedes 3
It's a party boss, why are you trying to solo ....[/quote]

Because isn't that how GMS is now? Soloers, not Expeditioners? Lol
Apr 30 2013
Oh my goodness. Thanks for the tip guys. The 1hko tip was waaaay better than I expected =P.

@aznditness Not really. Very few people can handle soloing the really strong bosses. In fact, I dont even think its possible to legit solo cpb.
Apr 30 2013
iRockmobs Level 150 Broa Night Lord
@Watchmefall KaiserCheese #1- Broa[/quote]

I support this 100%
Apr 30 2013
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