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Apr 30 13
Windia Mercedes 4
How are people lving from going there? I went there and I didn't lv from doing all his quest
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Apr 30 13
Bera Blade Specialist
Link 3 stage
Apr 30 13
Broa Phantom 4
I guess link 3 and just spamming a mob skill on the mushies?
Apr 30 13
Windia Mercedes 4
Oohhh so just stay at link 3. Thanks everybody
Apr 30 13
Scania Demon Slayer 4
You need to go to Link Area 3.
Make sure you have level, health and spawn boosting cores on for maximum experience.

The mobs in area 3 get pulled in to the center every 30 seconds for about a minute, so endless spawn in one spot=hella exp.
Apr 30 13
Windia Hero
^ "hella" you must be from Northern California haha
Apr 30 13
Windia Kaiser 4
Core 3, use HP cores, Level cores, exp cores.
Apr 30 13
Khaini Bishop
sooshigotrice: ^ "hella" you must be from Northern California haha
You hella jealous you aint from here swag swag hunnits
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Apr 30 13
Bera Night Lord
Funny Cause Northern Cali people do say Hella alot.
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Apr 30 13
Broa Bishop
Step 1: Form a party of 4 or more (its a party zone after all),

Step 2: Use the following cores:
Use a decent monster population core for more monsters.
Use a decent monster HP multiplier core for more EXP per monster.
Use a decent Party EXP core, for... well... more EXP...

Step 3: Bring a Bishop / Kanna for better training.

Step 4: Level up 100 times in 30 minutes.
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