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How are people lving from going there? I went there and I didn't lv from doing all his quest
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DarkOdor Level 220 Broa Phantom 4
I guess link 3 and just spamming a mob skill on the mushies?
Apr 30 2013
Oohhh so just stay at link 3. Thanks everybody
Apr 30 2013
Apachai Level 142 Scania Demon Slayer 4
You need to go to Link Area 3.
Make sure you have level, health and spawn boosting cores on for maximum experience.

The mobs in area 3 get pulled in to the center every 30 seconds for about a minute, so endless spawn in one spot=hella exp.
Apr 30 2013
^ "hella" you must be from Northern California haha
Apr 30 2013
bryanjohnny Level 150 Windia Kaiser 4
Core 3, use HP cores, Level cores, exp cores.
Apr 30 2013
natty2 Level 222 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild natty2 @
Step 1: Form a party of 4 or more (its a party zone after all),

Step 2: Use the following cores:
Use a decent monster population core for more monsters.
Use a decent monster HP multiplier core for more EXP per monster.
Use a decent Party EXP core, for... well... more EXP...

Step 3: Bring a Bishop / Kanna for better training.

Step 4: Level up 100 times in 30 minutes.
Apr 30 2013
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Link 3 is great because all of the monsters gather to one spot and if you can mob efficiently it's awesome EXP, but even classes that don't mob very well do decent there.
Apr 30 2013

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