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Pre-Patcher for v134

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BrazenBlitz Level 203 Elnido Kaiser 4
Direct Link:
  1. 88 MB Patch
[url=]Game Clients and Updates[/url]


~ Lex
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BrazenBlitz Level 203 Elnido Kaiser 4
^ this, verify before assuming that there isn't.
May 01 2013
This is legit, if you go to the second website, right click "Download" and click "Copy link address" under the Download Manual Patch, copy + past link into your address and change "133.exe" to "134.exe" you'll get the same link as the first one that @BrazenBlitz has posted.
May 01 2013
CherryTigers Level 212 Windia Phantom 4 Boundless Guild See what games, anime & art CherryTigers is intoCherryTigers
Or you could just hover your mouse over the manual patch^

of course it's legit, no one's worried about "keyloggers" from Nexon's official site. I'm more worried about something changing. It's happened before where the pre patch screwed me over. I'd prefer waiting for them to update the link so I see 134 instead of 133 when I hover my mouse.
May 01 2013
dfh Level 209 Windia Hero
Antivirus says keylogger[/quote]


sure dude, nexon is keylogging us all
May 01 2013
It's legit, it's just a preemptive link until Nexon update the website, I have been using this method since forever ...

O paranoid kids
May 01 2013
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