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F/p mage level 150 hyper skill

Fire/Poison Arch Mage Talk about the Fire/Poison Wizard, Mage and Arch Mage classes

okay so in Broa There is a GM going around banning fire/poison mages for using their level 150 hyperskill.
I was just wondering is this happening to any of my fellow f/p mages its happen to me on both my fire/poison mages.
and most of the fire/posion mages in broa that i know.

When my maplestory finsh patching i will take a pic of the ban for you
btw i was at aliens helping a friend get a kser of the map.
other friends of mine that got ban was at lhc leeching on the rope with fire aura on(he moved around so fire aura didnt go away)
and one was ksing a jesters map.
Posted: May


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from the looks of it
started the first day everyone got there hyperskills
May 01 2013
First i've heard of it (been working on getting my f/p to 170 too). Are you sure it's a GM and not autoban? If so, under what circumstances?
May 01 2013
its not auto ban because auto ban doesnt prama ban you its a GM is from my understanding is only a GM on broa
May 02 2013
....please tell me this is joke.

I was on all afternoon and was a-okay besides random DCs here and there. Now you done made me paranoid :I
OuhaiLevel 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
May 02 2013
Oh god what o _o I don't even wanna use my hyper now LOL...
May 02 2013
Sounds fishy to me >.<
May 02 2013
Kinda sounds like you were trying to "bot" (afk-train) using Fire Aura.
OrionTempestLevel 212 Broa I/L Arch Mage
May 02 2013
Kinda sounds like you were trying to "bot" (afk-train) using Fire Aura.[/quote]

i wasnt botting
May 02 2013
the thing is, there is no reason someone shouldnt be able to hang on a rope and use that skill. they arent using any illegal programs, they are just using what the game gives them. now im worried about using that skill too.
Zana5Level 160 Broa F/P Arch Mage
May 02 2013
It's actually true. One of my friends got banned from using that specific hyper skill. That's why I kind of left my F/P.
lovesupportLevel 209 Broa Bishop
May 02 2013
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