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Range to solo Empress instructor

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May 06 13
As title says, what range would i need to solo any? also, which one is the easiest
Lv 171 Bam
thanks in advance
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May 06 13
Scania Blade Master
i think 100-150k range will do for intructors. As for the easiest one, i dunno. But the most difficult one is mihile, then the blaze wizard( dont remember the name). So its either Echart,hawkeye(?) Or the Striker.
May 06 13
Hawkeye is by far the easiest, but only if you're ranged.
Eckhart is easy if you can deal with shadow web.
Irena is annoying because she can outdistance many ranged classes.
Mihile has DR.
Oz has seal.

Pick your poison.
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