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Dkhanjar with shield potential

Shadower Talk about the Bandit, Chief Bandit and Shadower classes

I know that a couple of classes have secondary weapons instead of shields, so that they get an extra set of weapon-class potentials, making it possible to have ridiculous amounts of % boss/PDR/whatever.

I've been gone a while, so I don't really know how shadower skills were revamped, but on the whole, even without this second weapon-class potential, are we still on par with like, DB's?
lilseventeenLevel 165 Broa Shadower
Posted: May


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Dkhanjars get weapon potential. Just like any other shield
And still on par? Shads were never on par with DB's
lolimshortLevel 204 Bellocan Xenon 4
May 08 2013
Every class now has a secondary weapon, however, those already with one: warrior, thief and mage, their shields now can get weapon potentials. Shads hit harder but slower, DBs hit faster but weaker. Shads are tanks with high avoid. DBs lower HP but basically never gets hit. The strength of each class of the two depends on your preference. This also applies to any other class you plan on making. Except Kaisers, they're OP even after their "nerf."
May 08 2013
umm yeah basically what those people had said above. but i heard that DB's are able to solo empress (with funds of course), but even with a fully funded shad your not gonna be able to solo.
yomamma1134Level 10 Scania Citizen
May 08 2013
I hate comparing with DB, we're two different classes. Every time something like this happens, boom, another dispute between the two sides...

If you're deciding between a dkhanjar to the secondary weapon, dkhanjar is the better choice because it has a higher att, it can be scrolled for more att, it can gain weapon potential now, it can be neb'd with a weapon neb, and it activates shield mastery that gives 20% avoid and apparently some att (?) and most importantly it looks sexy.

Care to elaborate on how long you were gone?
iDivideZer0Level 204 Scania Shadower
May 08 2013
dbs are much faster, better in avoid, dps are great, and than there are shads, one that i find only some that are patient enough to level, though some dbs are real stupid, but some aren't, shads there are many intelligent that i know, but some that ruin the reputation of respect that we have.

OT: Dual blades are stronger atm, and i am capable of out damaging some db, but if we were both set at the same range, they'll be greater i am probably sure.
ameshell2Level 180 Bera Shadower
May 08 2013
shads actually have better dps than db's, without boss damage. meaning an unfunded shad>unfunded db.
MyMagePwnsLevel 151 Bera Shadower
May 08 2013
All the ass DBs are gonna come in.
TurtleSlavesLevel 212 Bera Wind Archer 4
May 08 2013
@TurtleSlaves You called?
DBs can solo empress with Asura. Shadowers cannot because they cannot generate enough burst DPS to overcome her healing.

There's no reason to use a secondary over a dkhan other than funding/availability/you somehow dislike how dkhan looks.
May 08 2013
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