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May 09 13
Chaos Kaiser 4
I apologise if this is a stupid question, but where do you get fafnir weapons, and how much are they worth? I'm still running a level 99 maple set...
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May 09 13
You are nowhere close to getting a fafnir weapon, sorry buddy.
May 09 13
Chaos Night Lord
apology accepted.

i forgive you.
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May 09 13*
Bera Angelic Buster 1
You get the Fafnir weapons by defeating the black game, they are worth only $700 each.
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May 09 13*
DemethosGMS Evan 10th Growth
lv150 rootabyss set weapons Fafnir
most them run over max mesos
except for useless ones errm 2h axe/2h mace

you can get them (extreamly rare) from rootabyss weapon boxes (higher chance chaos boxes) nx events (higher chance)

and highest chance unbeatable rootabyss chaos bosses (must kill normal rootabyss boss 10 time in order to even fight)
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May 09 13
Khaini Phantom 4
I believe you could obtain the weapons through the marvel machine when it was out.
May 09 13*
Chaos Kaiser 4
Can I at least get a serious answer? 90% of people tell me not to get another weapon until I can get a fafnir, and I never said I wanted to get it right away.

Edit: Hey, serious answers!
May 09 13
They cost around 5B-10B for a weapon.

Fafnir cannons and spears are the lowest.
Staffs + Daggers are the highest.
May 09 13*
fafnirs you get from chaos root abyss bosses (they have like 500b HP and heal about 10b per sec)
unbeatable at this moment (cuz dmg cap)

other way are events (like philobook event last month)
and they worth from 5b to 20b
Around $50~$200 dollars

cheers and happy mapling

from 700m ~ 20b (2h axe are 700m also spears and crappy ones)
around $7~$200 dollars
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May 09 13
Scania Bow Master
Fafnir weapons are obtained by either killing the Chaos Vellum or receiving them from events. They're about 7b+, with the cheapest one being the Fafnir 2hbw. You are no where near obtaining one.
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